Bottle Rinser By Water


Simik combines Rinser, Filler and Capper by a few transfer stars in order to save the production line space, keep hygiene and raise the manufacturing efficiency for all types of bottles and caps with different shapes and materials. According to the development requirement from food and beverage manufacturer, Simik is able to add in Piston Filler or Pocket Filler in monoblock for producing variety product, such as pulpy fruit juice or green been soup.

The Simik Rinser is designed for three types of cleaning media, including disinfectant, sterilized water and sterilized air for different character of filling product. The design of circulation circuit system with cleaning media recycling for decreasing the consumption and environmental pollution.

The filling principle can be divided into three categories that are gravity filling, pressure filling and weighing filling for cold and hot filling of non-carbonated and carbonated beverages as well as oil product. All filling valves are designed to guarantee easy maintenance and ensure the top level of hygiene and cleanliness.

The Simik Monoblock can be equipped with different capper for variety cap types such as plastic screw cap, aluminum screw cap, pressure cap and crown cap. The hygienic treatment on the cap before capping can be offered by fitting UV lamps, liquid chemical, water washer or air blower.